The future of the Hybrid program in the Philippines

THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL ENDORSEMENT I have agreed to assist the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in its outreach in the remote areas of Mindanao with their “Bayanihan” program for alternate livelihoods for recovering drug addicts and reformed insurgents. I will be teaching and helping mentor soldiers and community members alike to mold […]

An open letter to President-elect Rody Duterte and incoming DA chief Manny Piñol

Dear Sirs; I represent the change you wish to impart to the Filipino people. I don’t have any senators or dynasty style hook up or recommendations. People know me for my work, not the hype. I worked for what Hybrid Agricultural Empowerment is today, every day, good or bad, I stuck to my guns and […]

An Open Letter to President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte on the issue of Organic Farming, Extreme Climate Changes, and the Agrarian Generation Gap in the Philippines

I want to ask you what is the future of the people I work for? What will happen to the law of organic agriculture, RA 10068? Will the farmers finally receive the fair treatment they deserve?

How to address Climate change, childhood malnutrition, sustainability , eco and bio responsibility, and the agrarian generation gap?

  I have undertaken a personal mission in the Philippines (Non-NGO or any other entity other than myself) to dedicate my life to spreading organic agriculture education to any who wants it FREE OF CHARGE. I go to the remote areas and work with the farmers to help foster education on good care for our […]

The Longest Road (Part 2)

Read (Part 1) / (Part 3) My five young farmers came and did I simply put do not have the words these young adults are the future. These are the people that will be the movers and enforcers of change. Once the community sees it’s own adopting sustainable practices and seeing it successfully work more will follow. I […]