An open letter to President-elect Rody Duterte and incoming DA chief Manny Piñol

Dear Sirs; I represent the change you wish to impart to the Filipino people. I don’t have any senators or dynasty style hook up or recommendations. People know me for my work, not the hype. I worked for what Hybrid Agricultural Empowerment is today, every day, good or bad, I stuck to my guns and […]

The Longest Road (Part 2)

Read (Part 1) / (Part 3) My five young farmers came and did I simply put do not have the words these young adults are the future. These are the people that will be the movers and enforcers of change. Once the community sees it’s own adopting sustainable practices and seeing it successfully work more will follow. I […]

How Agriculture Saved Me

This article was originally published in This is a story of how I went to the mountains of Mindanao to spread the word of organic agriculture and the resulting journey into the provincial culture of the Philippines. *** It all started when I came to the Philippines for Balikatan Exercises in 2011. I was a […]