The future of the Hybrid program in the Philippines


I have agreed to assist the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in its outreach in the remote areas of Mindanao with their “Bayanihan” program for alternate livelihoods for recovering drug addicts and reformed insurgents.

I will be teaching and helping mentor soldiers and community members alike to mold them into great farmers and also help put in place encouragement for sustainable, zero waste, and organic farming practices.This will be a fruitful partnership for both sides and will be a pilot program to open this idea up to a much wider audience that truly needs it.

I have already stAFP receiving Hybrid Bisaya manuals for the future of the hybrid program in the Philippinesarted the training with the 55th Vigilant Infantry out of Oroquieta and there will be more subsequent training very soon.

Also, there will be webisodes made for all the training and outings that will be made available to my Patreon subscribers so even if a dollar a month is donated you will have unlimited access to these and many other great premium hybrid features.


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