Friends Till The End

The war on poverty continues in 2017

The view from my office today .
The Philippine flag you see flew over Guingona when I started hybrid there it’s the flag I was raising in that picture so many of you like.
The American flag you see flew over balikatan when I participated in 2011.

My use of that flag represents my homeland not my support of the people that lead it and I use that term loosely.
Let’s cut to it I’m not here to parade American exceptionalism or support an establishment of failed leaders my loyalty to that establishment ended September 30 2013 so I don’t support their failed notions and half hearted attempts at helping this country .
Last thing I’ll say is it is extremely hypocritical of Obama to criticize the drug war here when he’s doing far worse in Syria .
It’s their country let them deal with it they’re adults we don’t need to stick our noses in everyone’s shit.

As far as President Duterte is concerned I don’t appreciate being insinuated that my kind are idiots there’s no rationale for it . His policies are between him and his voters and the Filipino people .

However I will not have friendships tossed that I forged in the trenches in Mindanao risking my life , starving , and living in pure hell by two men who haven’t had to wonder where their next meal is coming from because they can’t stop bickering.

Filipinos ARE NOT my brown little brothers they’re my equals , contemporaries , friends , and family.
Let the Chiefs argue among themselves people who know me know I got a reputation for getting shit done and I don’t fuck around .

I still love the Philippines and it’s people and in 2017, I will continue to rain hell on poverty alongside my tribal brothers and sisters.

The best is yet to come ,