Bridging the Gap (Part 2)

What was said with the mayor and the governor.

Hybrid Agricultural Empowerment would not be possible without the people. 
To my fans and supporters thank you all, each one, every one. Your words and love are heard and felt and I am ever grateful for that.

To my farmers and tribe,
 you guys make my life worth living. Working along side you, empowering you with knowledge to break the cycle, and giving the children a better tomorrow are the greatest pleasures I have ever known.

To my teachers and DepEd, you guys are an amazing group of professionals. Your dedication is second to none. But more importantly, you guys are my friends you have taught me life lessons I will carry with me forever.

l spoke with Dipolog Mayor Hon. Evelyn Uy last week. Now, for transparency’s sake, I will divulge the full content of that meeting.

First, Jenelyn will be getting a PHP138K scholarship when she graduates from senior high school.

Second, as of 13 June, day one of school year 2016 -2017, the city nutrition office has been instructed to supplement feeding for the children of Pamansalan Eco Tech High School. In other words childhood hunger is beat.

Third, the Department of Agriculture (DA) will provide seeds and fertilizers to help supplement the enterprise for the school, as well as feed the kids.

Fourth, in agreement with the local government, DENR is alloted PHP 3 million (yes, you read that right). Panyang, the tribal lands, will have their river beds replanted with bamboo to help reforest and replenish the water sources, as well as secure compromised hillsides in hopes of preventing landslides and erosion.

Fifth, a shredder will be donated boost compost production efficiency as well as cut time on concoction making.

Sixth, the Philippine Army will provide 8 soldiers to protect the gardens and all government assets on the premises to ensure no one is stealing from our garden. If you want it, you got to work for it.

Finally, the DA has entered into an agreement with the school to package and sell the vegetables they produce and return the profit to the school after packaging and distribution expenses has been deducted.

All department heads mentioned are in the picture and have been given marching orders directly from the mayor to move immediately.

I personally have provided ALL of my lessons in Bisayan. We have broken the language barrier. 
Also, I have personally given PHP5k worth of seeds for the coop’s start up garden.
 Last week, we cleared 25 trees (legally and with permit). Since funds are low, they will be made into lumber and used for desks and cabinets that the school desperately needs.
 We got nurseries stood up, two gardens planted, and three of the four hectares cleared on the main side.

Our cooperative is above 50 members now and have committed to facilitating their community’s transition to sustainability.

Change is not coming. IT IS HERE.

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Bridging the Gap is a series of articles that address very real sustainability issues arising from the lack of younger agriculturists and a growing population under the poverty line in the Philippines. 

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