Let’s talk about climate change, shall we?

The community in this area is sustaining off coconuts. THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

IT IS NOT the government’s fault that we as humans have abused the earth. We have to do this as people and address this for the sake of future generations.

IT CAN BE STOPPED. I will do all I can to stop this in my area!!!!!

Mono-cropping and slash-and-burn are taking hold. The introduction of nitrogen fixing and crop rotation will mitigate the need to keep moving and burning more lands. We have to be more responsible.

No More Starving Farmers.

The farmers need to be taught, not shot at.¹  War is the last thing we need.

The photographs below show the result of the direct application of my teachings grown in drought area. Not only are we feeding people we are giving idle hands industry.

El Niño/drought IS NOT the end. We just have to use what nature gave us more resourcefully.

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1 Source: The Guardian, Philippines drought protest leaves at least two farmers dead, April 1, 2016.