Meet Indong: Veteran Farmer of Mindanao

Indong is 85 years of age and has been farming most of his life.

I was fortunate enough to get some of his time today to discuss a few things.

Firstly he has been doing agriculture in some form or another for nearly 70 years (I am jealous.). When asked if there were more farmers now or then he simply said that, “There were more young farmers back when I was your age it was a means to survival as much as a trip to the market.”

I was taking all this in the whole time and I could not believe what I was hearing.

I directly asked him if he had noticed any climate change over his years on the mountain to which he replied ” It is for real before there were bountiful crops and great yields, Also shorter el nino spells this climate change is not a made up thing”.

I also asked him of chemical inputs and what the effects of over farming an area and slashing and burning.

He responded, “The face of the mountain has changed since I have been here and also that it is hard for us to farm given the price of chemical input before when it was only nature we did not have these issues.”

I relayed to him that I would teach him and his people the methods to return their farming practices to nature if they wished to learn from me . We have already begun working with his son on his farm (more will come on that later).

I asked him lastly what his thoughts and sentiment for the future generation is.
He said “I am terrified for them I do not know how much longer this cycle can continue as it is now”.

To hear these things being said from a neutral source is quite affirming to me that what I am doing is the right thing here.

To hear that there was that radical of a change in the span of only 70 years.
Today has left me with a lot to think about.

I must say this week has been nothing short of life changing.

Live to farm, Farm to live.

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