How to address Climate change, childhood malnutrition, sustainability , eco and bio responsibility, and the agrarian generation gap?


I have undertaken a personal mission in the Philippines (Non-NGO or any other entity other than myself) to dedicate my life to spreading organic agriculture education to any who wants it FREE OF CHARGE. I go to the remote areas and work with the farmers to help foster education on good care for our Earth. Also I have taken on a few humanitarian missions proving the importance of addressing childhood malnutrition, as well as planting gardens at elementary schools to help encourage young people to be proud gardeners and farmers.

We are facing a pending generation gap crisis. The average age of the Pinoy farmer is 58-ish, give or take, with a lack of youth involved in farming. This presents a very real food crisis for everyone in the not-so-distant future. For every farmer we lose, 24 Filipinos LOSE rice for a year, or maybe longer.

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