LaBS: Lactic Acid Bacteria Serum for Fungus elimination and digestion enzymes

This concoction aids in the digestion of the animals and in plants it eliminates fungus and deodorizes.

What you need :

900 ml cows milk
100 ml clear liquid rendered from fermented rice wash
1 liter molasses/ muscavado

Fermentation steps:
  1. Use the first wash liquid from the cooked rice.
  2. Put liquid inside a plastic container (3/4 full) wipe excess water.
  3. Cover the container with double layered manila paper.
  4. Mark name and date of fermentation.
  5. Ferment for 7 days (first stage fermentation)
  6. Use 1 liter cow’s milk and remove 100 ml (10 %)
  7. Extract 100 ml from the now fermented rice wash.
  8. Take the liquid between the bottom and top layers of the fermentation and add to the 1 liter milk pack.
  9. Return cover to the pack and seal with masking tape.
  10. Mark with name and date of fermentation.
  11. Keep it for 5 days in a dark and cool room DO NOT DISTURB
  12. Drain the liquid (whey) and filter, separate sludge from liquid.
  13. Measure the liquid and add the same amount of molasses.
  14. Keep it in a plastic container (do not close cap tightly, loosen cap 1 full twist.)
  15. Completely close cap after 1 week or when there are no bubbles going up.
  16. Concoction is ready for use.
Dosage :

2 tsp to 1 liter of clean water in severe cases double the dosage.



Animals mix with drinking water twice weekly also can be mixed with feeds at same frequency.

Plants/Deodorizer :

Prepare same dosage spray at base of plant 1 to 2 times a week.