The Ties that Bind (Part 1)

Another trip has came and gone and I find that the more I work with and live among my Subanon tribe friends the more I appreciate a simpler way of living.

To me it is now a world of black and white less gray it seems that when you only have your work and your people life gets simpler by default im usually asleep by 7 and I don’t move until 4 or 5 the next morning and believe me I am usually that tired by nightfall.

I would not trade any material possession or money for the value of this experience it has made me more rich in spirit and culture than any currency ever could.

I went with them to their water source in the jungle and it was a decently long trek to make. I made a trail run out of it and had a blast but even more when we got to the camp in the jungle we planted on the ridges 45 degree and higher incline which is not easy by any means trust me.

But what really was intriguing and extraordinary was the fact that the people that stay back there just have the jungle and each other and seemed to be some of the happiest people that I have met since I started this whole thing and to me those are the ties that bind.