Bridging the Gap: A fresh perspective on contemporary agriculture

A fresh perspective on contemporary agriculture.

My ‪#‎Hybrid‬ movement was started with the simple idea of giving free organic agriculture education to the farmers who want it and anyone else who is interested.

In the Philippines, the lack of younger agriculturists and a growing population presents a very real sustainability issue.

I make no money from this. It is a service to the farmers and communities. This is purely for education and advocacy as well to build a network between the farmers, agricultural educators, advocates for the farmers, and their media and government counterparts.

Where it starts and when.

It starts locally right away. I will show you how one man or woman just like you can make a difference. This is the ripple effect I speak of.

We will take this advocacy and education directly to the farmers that need it in the field.

From there, we will move to the media and government agencies to spread this movement to the people to bolster interest in what is trying to being accomplished and to help bring in more young farmers.

There will be much more to follow on this. Stay tuned.


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Bridging the Gap is a series of articles that address very real sustainability issues arising from the lack of younger agriculturists and a growing population under the poverty line in the Philippines. 

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